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Eating Healthy While On Vacation

Eating Healthy

Just because you’re traveling, that doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation from a healthy diet. Yes, many travel destinations have an abundance of wonderful food choices for you to savor, but your journey shouldn’t include a guilt trip because you over-indulged. You want to be able to look back on your voyage fondly, not with regret about your dietary decisions. That means taking steps to ensure that your itinerary includes thoughtful food stops along the way.

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David Abolafia

Heading Off the Beaten Path in Dallas

Dragon Park

For the truly adventurous traveler, there’s nothing like the unexpected discovery of an off-the-beaten-path treasure. Yet in a major metropolitan area like Dallas, the most intriguing destinations are generally not the kind you discover by accident. It takes the knowledge and experience of a local to point travelers in the direction of hidden gems. And the Big D is certainly big on unusual attractions.

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David Abolafia

What to Do During a Long Layover


Travelers the world over are familiar with the routine: Your flight – the first leg of your trip – arrives at the airport, but your connecting flight doesn’t take off for another four, maybe six hours. This usually doesn’t leave you enough time to actually go anywhere. After all, you’re likely in an unfamiliar city, and airports generally aren’t located all that close to activity centers. Plus, you’d constantly be checking your watch (or phone), for fear that you might miss your plane.

Fortunately, there are ways to pass the time in an airport that can help turn a layover into a more enjoyable, productive part of your journey.

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David Abolafia

Branson: Live Music and So Much More


Branson, Missouri, is commonly known as “the live music show capital of the world.” And with more than 40 theaters opened by the likes of Dolly Parton, the Oak Ridge Boys, Andy Williams, Mel Tillis, Mickey Gilley, The Osmond Brothers, Wayne Newton and Tony Orlando, the city certainly lives up to its nickname. But what really puts a song in travelers’ hearts is knowing that there’s more to do in Branson than just catch a concert or three.

For example, the Branson Limousine Wine & Shine Tour is a luxurious way to enjoy an afternoon. Sample superb wine at two local wineries, and discover why locals rave about the smooth qualities and superior flavors found in Copper Run Distillery’s locally handcrafted rums, whiskeys and moonshine. All the while, you’ll be traveling in style – relaxing and lounging as you ride around the area in a gleaming white, super-stretch limousine.

The National Tiger Sanctuary is southwest Missouri’s only facility that’s expansive enough to shelter large, exotic animals in a habitat as close as possible to that of their home in the wild. Guests can observe these stunning creatures and their distinctive behaviors, and enjoy seeing how they’ve adapted to their return to nature. The Sanctuary’s ongoing mission is to provide a safe, stress-free and forever home for big cats and other species. Meanwhile, Branson’s Wild World lets you get closer to exotic and fascinating wildlife than you’ll ever experience at a traditional zoo. Interact with animals like never before, including holding and feeding them, as well as learning fun facts about some of nature’s most incredible creatures!

If you want to just sit back and enjoy the scenery of the Ozarks, you can do so aboard the Branson Scenic Railway, a vintage passenger train with unique cars dating from the late 1930s to the early 1960s. Depart from the historic 1905 depot in downtown Branson and go north through the Missouri countryside, or south through Arkansas. Or, you can tour the downtown area by Duck – a specially designed amphibious vehicle modeled after those used during World War II. Learn about Branson’s history, enjoy a little music and then splash into Lake Taneycomo.

For fans of theme parks, Branson provides special adventures. The city’s biggest attraction, Silver Dollar City, offers live music, thrilling rides, demonstrating craftsmen, incredible food, exceptional shopping, amusements for the little ones, seasonal and themed festivals and events. Silver Dollar City is also home to the heart-pumping, breathtaking Outlaw Run, a wooden roller coaster that Amusement Today voted the Best New Ride of 2013. You can also have fun at every turn at Track Family Fun Parks, which features a four-story go-kart track, the Laser Maze Challenge, the 100-foot-tall Skycoaster and dozens of other attractions.

And whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you’ll find yourself wanting to play when you step inside The World’s Largest Toy Museum, full of unexpected and fascinating displays. Toys of yesteryear can be seen and enjoyed, and many have been re-created for sale.

Still, if you’re just itching to catch a live performance, you might want to check out some of these more unusual offerings:

  • Amazing Pets, at Grand Country Musical Hall, features delightful circus-like acts with an impressive cast of creatures – but not your everyday circus animals. The performers are everyday house pets! Cats, dogs and brightly colored birds put on a show sure to delight kids of all ages.
  • Buckets N Boards, at Starlite Theatre, is a hilarious, high-energy, comedy percussion show. This performance is chock-full of precise percussion, ridiculous songs, spectacular tap dancing, inventive instrumentation and unique musical talent. This interactive experience has enchanted audiences for years!
  • Legends in Concert, at American Bandstand Theater, is the top of the heap in tribute shows, featuring only the best artists to bring you uncanny performances of the biggest names in entertainment. The revolving lineup of “stars” includes Elvis, Brooks & Dunn, the Blues Brothers, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Adele, Kenny Chesney, Bette Midler, Ann-Margret, George Strait and Lionel Richie.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a vacation to Branson or any of our other dynamic destinations, please call (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

Taking Picture-Perfect Vacation Photos


Once you’ve returned home and finished unpacking, the reminders of your just-enjoyed vacation tend to fall into three categories: memories, souvenirs and photos. And while the first two can go a long way toward keeping the experience fresh in your mind, it is the third that truly lets you relive the trip – where you were, what you saw, the people you met – with others. And thanks to social media, it’s even easier to create (and share) a pictorial essay of your journey with friends and family.

The trouble is, most people aren’t professional photographers, so when they flip through the vacation snapshots, they find them somewhat lacking. The pictures may be fine in and of themselves, but they don’t say anything besides “we were there.” Taken out of the context of the trip – and as time goes on, and details fade from memory – they eventually devolve into pretty ephemera, or disposable reminders of something from the almost-forgotten past.

So, what can you do to make sure your photographs remain vibrant – a critical component of your visual storytelling? To start with, it doesn’t require tons of expensive camera equipment – which is a good thing, because most people take pictures on their smartphones or tablets, anyhow, and don’t want to be weighed down by additional bags. What it does require is a combination of patience and planning. Put these virtues into practice, and you’ll have vacation mementos that are, literally, picture-perfect.

iStock_000041378116_LargeFirst off, don’t immediately start snapping pictures when you arrive at a particular destination. Not only does this prevent you from soaking up the scenery, but it also means that you’ll likely wind up with generic-looking photos that can’t be discerned from those of the thousands of amateur shutterbugs who’d been there before you. So, before you click, take a few moments to capture the memory you want, rather than just the image that’s there. Experiment with odd angles, get down low, zoom in close or shoot from above. If you’re traveling with others, shoot them interacting with the attraction instead of lined up in front of it. People in the foreground of a shot serve as helpful barometers for others to get an idea of the size and majesty of mountains, buildings, sculptures and other large sights.

Next, don’t spend so much time trying to focus on the ideal. Yes, there are times when you’ll have the so-called “best” light, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most interesting. Is a storm gathering? Snap a few pix in the transitional light of a darkening sky for more atmospheric photos. Not only that, but the storm can be a terrific narrative starter when flipping through your photo album: “Remember when we had to take cover in that old barn…?”

Photographing the beauty around usAnother “mistake” that novice photographers make is holding out for an unobstructed view. Remember, those obstacles add character. Shooting pictures from a tour bus, or out the window of a historic building, provides texture for the shot and encourages you not to go for the cookie-cutter panorama that everybody’s seen before.  Can’t get the right angle? Try a reflection shot, using water or a window as a mirror to bounce the image, or simply tilt the camera.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your photos. These frozen moments should be reflective of the wonderful time you had, rather than posed portraits that lack pizazz. You’ve gone away to play, and taking pictures is an entertaining extension of the game. To book a spectacular getaway that’s worthy of a photo essay, give us a call at (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

Biloxi: A Testament to Southern Endurance


In 2005, the city of Biloxi, Mississippi, was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Now, 10 years later, “The Playground of the South” is once again demonstrating the resilience that has been its trademark for its nearly 300-year history.

Perhaps nothing symbolizes Biloxi’s ability to stand tall in the face of adversity quite like Biloxi Light. Originally built in Baltimore, and one of the first cast-iron lighthouses built in the South, it was shipped to Mississippi and completed in 1848. It was operated by local keepers for nearly 100 years, until the U.S. Coast Guard adopted the post in 1939. The lighthouse has survived the onslaught of many hurricanes over the years, and further marks the city’s resolve as one of just two surviving lighthouses along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 2009, Biloxi Light was honored by the United States Postal Service with a commemorative stamp.

Besides its nationally known landmark, Biloxi offers a number of remarkable places to explore. For instance, Ship Island – located about 12 miles off the coast, and accessible by ferry from nearby Gulfport – is home to a beautiful beach with glistening white sands and accompanying boardwalk. The pristine gulf waters that surround the island are a haven for swimmers, snorkelers and boogie boarders. In addition, Ship Island is home to Fort Massachusetts, a strategically located stronghold built to defend the coast following the War of 1812.

And if you are an enthusiast of American history – particularly the Civil War – then you won’t want to miss Beauvoir, the retirement home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The main residence – a Louisiana raised cottage-style plantation – has been lovingly cared for by the Mississippi Division of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. Sharing the 52-acre property is a Civil War museum, a historic Confederate cemetery, a botanical garden and a presidential library. If you time your trip to Biloxi just right, and arrive in mid-October, you can behold the Fall Muster festival, and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the War Between the States. Each day of the festival offers a battle, along with cavalry, infantry and cannon demonstrations.

Other attractions in Biloxi include:

  • Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art – A collection of modern ceramics and sculptures, with a focus on local artists. Also home to the Pleasant Reed Interpretive Center, where you can learn about the African-American experience in Mississippi after the Civil War.
  • Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum – Established to preserve and interpret the maritime history and heritage of Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coasts, it offers an array of exhibits on shrimping, oystering, recreational fishing, wetlands, marine blacksmithing, wooden boat building and much more. Also home to replicas of two 65-foot, two-masted Biloxi Schooners.

Biloxi is also home to numerous casino-hotels, as well as a variety of restaurants that deliver the Cajun and Creole delicacies the area is known for. In town, you can pick up a po’ boy or chow down on grilled oysters.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a vacation to Biloxi or any of our other dozens of destinations, please call (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

Where Celebrities Go to Soak Up the Sun


Vacationing like a Hollywood A-lister starts by seeking out the locations favored by the glitterati. Many of the most popular sites where celebs choose to chillax have the three S’s in common: sun, sand and scenery. Here are some hot spots where stars can be spotted:

  • Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – You don’t have to be tall, tan, young and lovely to get a taste of the exotic in this tropical paradise. The Travel Channel has called Ipanema the “sexiest beach in the world,” and it’s not too hard to see why, as it is frequented by the likes of Madonna, Gerard Butler, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Much of the year, the water is a crystal-clear light blue; however, after a heavy rain, the water can turn a murky green. This may help explain the origin of its name, as “Ipanema” comes from two Tupi words meaning “stinky lake.”
  • St. Jean Beach, St. Barts – A volcanic island fully encircled by shallow reefs, St. Barts is a popular destination for the rich and famous, especially during the winter. The island is known for its beaches, gourmet dining and high-end designers. Most of the food is imported by plane or boat from the United States or France. The white sand and glimmering turquoise water are magnets for superstars like Jessica Alba, Beyonce and Jay-Z.
  • St. Tropez, France – Widely known for its nude and clothing-optional beaches, St. Tropez has been a favorite getaway for the glamorous since it was featured in the 1956 film “And God Created Woman,” starring Brigitte Bardot. Located along the coast in the Baie de Pampelonne, the Tropezian beaches have been known to attract the likes of Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise, Rihanna, P. Diddy, Jack Nicholson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  • Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia – One of the most visited sites in Australia and a mecca for surfing enthusiasts, Bondi Beach is also a nature lover’s dream destination. Pods of whales and dolphins can be sighted in the bay during migration season, and fairy penguins are sometimes seen swimming close to shore. Celebrities who come for the surfing, sailing and sun include Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, it’s no wonder this resort city and its beaches have become a go-to getaway for such megawatt stars as Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Anguilla, Lesser Antilles – A flat, low-lying island of coral and limestone in the Caribbean Sea, Anguilla is noted for its spectacular and ecologically important coral reefs and beaches. With its cerulean waters, it is at the top of the list for A-listers like Uma Thurman, Paul McCartney, Michael Jordan, Michael J. Fox and Liam Neeson when they need a sunny place to unwind.

Actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and tabloid princesses alike enjoy slipping away for the sun and fun of the world’s beautiful beaches. And with a properly planned vacation, you can join them on the shore. To book your stargazing trip, give us a call at (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

Eccentric, Eclectic and Essential Austin

aerial view of Capitol building in Austin the Capital of Texas

Hippie Haven. Bat City. The Big Nap. These are just three of the dozen nicknames heaped upon one of America’s most unusual – the locals prefer the term “weird” – places to visit: Austin, Texas.

“Keep Austin Weird” – more a slogan than a nickname – is the rallying cry of this southern metropolis where, despite living in the state capital, people are determined to do things a little differently. Try to imagine another American city with an inventory that includes a bar that doubles as a monument for a garden gnome, the world’s most powerful laser and an actual castle, and it simply boggles the mind. ATX is unique unto itself, and its residents wouldn’t have it any other way.

Consider the Cathedral of Junk. Hidden in a backyard on the south side of town, this display of detritus has been growing for more than 25 years, with stacks and stacks of discarded… stuff. In this spot, where one man’s trash truly is another man’s treasure, visitors are encouraged to add to the pile with their own castoffs. It’s an exhibit that evolves, with a past that moves forward into an increasingly disposable future.

In the 1988 film “Beetlejuice,” a character remarks, “The living often ignore the strange and unusual.” In Austin, not only do people embrace the strange and unusual, but they’ve even built a shrine to it. The Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata is a collection of bizarre items from around the world. The museum houses “the impermanent collection,” which catalogs the history of collecting itself. From saintly relics to wunderkammern, or “cabinets of curiosities.”

While Austin always makes a splash with visitors, visitors can make a splash of their own when they head to Hamilton Pool Reserve. Many years ago, the roof of an underground river collapsed, revealing a pool of pristine water below. This natural swimming hole is, quite literally, a hidden gem where travelers simply must take the plunge.

Long before there was Donkey (in the “Shrek” films and books), there was another donkey who captured children’s hearts. Eeyore may live in the Hundred-Acre Wood, but he celebrates his birthday every April in Austin. Back in 1963, someone decided to show Eeyore a little love and throw him a party. In the 50+ years since, Eeyore’s Birthday Party has developed into a music festival featuring live bands, food and drink vendors, with money going toward several non-profits and charities. A fitting fiesta for a town that bills itself as the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

The art scene has always helped enhance Austin’s reputation for highlighting the offbeat. Some key examples include:

  • Casa Neverlandia – A two-bedroom, ecofriendly home and gallery; a colorful, undulating wonderland outfitted with solar panels, rainwater collection, fire poles, an elevated footbridge, talk tubes, nooks and hideaways. Created by architect-designer James Talbot and artist Kay Pils, the house is as much a nod to Dr. Seuss and Peter Pan as it is to Buckminster Fuller and Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.
  • HOPE Outdoor Gallery – A three-story educational art project, one of the largest outdoor galleries in the U.S. The project was developed to provide muralists, graffiti artists and community groups the opportunity to display large-scale art pieces driven by inspirational, positive and educational messaging.
  • Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum – Dozens of bronze and stone pieces, set in a shady garden of native Texas plants. This natural oasis is where art and nature meet in serene harmony.

But wait, there’s more…

  • Castle Falkenstein – An actual castle, built by Kim and Terry Young, based on drawings by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Although the Youngs still live on the grounds – a little ways outside the city limits – it’s a popular spot for weddings and other special occasions.
  • Dirty Bill’s – Sure, it’s a dive bar. But every wall is filled with photographs – of a garden gnome named Dirty Bill, doing everything from skydiving to cavorting with movie stars.
  • Texas Petawatt Laser – This might not seem so impressive until you break down the word. Remember the movie “Back to the Future,” where the DeLorean needed 1.21 gigawatts of power to travel through time? That’s 1.21 billion watts, which could only be generated by a bolt of lightning. A petawatt, by comparison, is one million times more powerful than that – a quadrillion watts. That’s a 1 followed by 15 zeroes. The laser is used to conduct fundamental research into exotic states of matter. Located at the University of Texas, the laser isn’t exactly a tourist attraction, but it’s incredibly cool to consider that it shines brighter than the surface of the sun.

As a place to explore and discover, Austin is one of a kind – so much so that the word “unique” doesn’t even begin to describe its delights and eccentricities. So we’ll stick with “weird,” and when you set foot in the City of the Violet Crown (another nickname), you’ll know why.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a vacation to Austin or any of our dozens of destinations, please call (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

Safe Travels: A Combination of Smarts and Strategy

Backpakers in the city checking map

When you’re about to depart for a vacation, you can expect at least one friend or loved one to remark, “Have a safe trip.” And while this sentiment is meant to convey a wish that no misfortune should befall you on your way, there’s a lot more to being a safe traveler than just luck. You can do a lot to protect yourself – both physically and financially – when traveling in an unfamiliar city, both domestically and internationally. It starts by realizing that the first step to saying safe is being smart.

Tourists tend to be easy targets. So no matter where you are, don’t make it obvious that you aren’t from there. It’s one thing if you’re at a major attraction, but if you’re out in the city:

  • Don’t stand around taking pictures of everything – especially when you use your cell phone. Not only does this attract attention, but when you hold it out in front of you to get that perfect shot, it’s easier for a thief to grab.
  • If you need to look at a map, step inside a coffee shop or bookstore, rather than doing it on the street. By appearing lost, you become prey for unscrupulous types who offer “help” – either for a fee, or which directs you to a more remote area where you become vulnerable.
  • Don’t carry purses. Not only do they suggest a big score for thieves, but the straps tend to be designed for style, not security, and will likely snap if grabbed. It’s a lot safer to use backpacks (secured with straps over both shoulders), fanny packs or money belts (worn under your clothing). If you use a wallet or billfold, keep it in your front pocket.
  • When you get up after eating a meal (especially at an outdoor café), take an extra look around for your belongings. When you travel, you tend to carry more items with you – things you may not remember until it’s too late.
  • If you’re out sightseeing, there is no need to wear flashy or expensive jewelry.

Another strategy is to carry a “dummy” wallet, with a small amount of cash and an expired credit card or two. This way, if you do happen to get mugged, you have something to give the thief to end the confrontation quickly and minimize your loss.

Traveling internationally adds another layer of unfamiliarity to your surroundings, and therefore requires additional diligence on your part. Beyond the basic travel do’s and don’ts – don’t hitchhike, don’t carry your passport or travel documents with you, do frequent heavily populated areas – there are other ways to stay safe:

  • Make a copy of your passport and travel documents and keep them in a safe place, in case the originals get stolen.
  • If you have luggage, grab it off the baggage claim carousel immediately. If you wait for the crowd to disperse, you may find that someone has taken your bags. Even if someone grabs yours by mistake, it can be a while before the mix-up is discovered.
  • Avoid changing money at the airport, where you may be targeted by thieves. Get your currency before you leave, or better yet, use traveler’s cheques or credit cards.
  • Learn some key phrases in the local language. Nothing screams “tourist” like an insistence on speaking in English (or another tongue that’s foreign in that country). In addition, the locals are likely to be more accommodating when you make the effort.
  • In other countries, Americans tend to be perceived as wealthy, so avoid publicizing your country of origin. Dress according to local fashion and observe local customs.

One of the best strategies is to become friendly with hotel managers/concierges. These knowledgeable individuals can be extraordinary resources on what to do and what to avoid. For instance, because the tactics used by thieves and con artists vary from place to place, a hotel manager can advise you on what local scams to be on the lookout for. You should also ask about public transportation. Knowing what official taxicabs look like means you won’t get into a thief’s car by mistake. And because hotel employees tend to be local, they can steer you away from seedier parts of the city.

Ultimately, what’s most important to remember is that the world isn’t unsafe or dangerous. There are desperate and unscrupulous people everywhere, including your hometown. And when you’re traveling within your hometown, you instinctively protect yourself against those people and avoid the places they’re known to populate. Those habits will serve you well when you step outside your geographic comfort zone; just educate yourself, before, during and even after your trip, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable time as you set out to see the world.

For questions or to book your next trip with Coast to Coast Grand Getaways, give us a call at (888) 269-0182.

David Abolafia

An Ocean of Possibilities in Atlantic City

Steel Pier
While casinos and gaming are often part of Atlantic City getaways, there is so much more to explore in “America’s Favorite Playground.”

To start with, AC’s iconic boardwalk – a strolling paradise for nearly 150 years – wouldn’t be quite so noteworthy if it didn’t run along a spectacular beachfront. All of Atlantic City’s beaches are free, and offer such enjoyable activities as surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. And if you happen to be a pharologist (lighthouse enthusiast), then you don’t want to miss the Absecon Lighthouse, the nation’s third-tallest lighthouse and a coastal landmark since its first lighting in 1857. Climb 228 steps and enjoy a magnificent 360-degree view of the Jersey shore and check out the beacon’s 1854 First-Order Fresnel lens.


Did You Know?

The classic game Monopoly is based on the actual geography and street names in Atlantic City. Interestingly, the most commonly landed upon space on the Monopoly board – Illinois Avenue – is one of two game properties that, as of 2015, do not have real-life counterparts. In the 1980s, Illinois Avenue was renamed Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. The other, St. Charles Place, no longer exists.


Atlantic City invites visitors to get in touch with their artistic sides with a host of creative endeavors, ranging from the Atlantic City Ballet and the Bay-Atlantic Symphony, from the Downbeach Film Festival to the Noyes Museum of Art – Stockton College. Hidden gems include:

  • Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (Cape May) – From ghost tours to craft shows, music to murder mystery dinners, there’s always something happening. The Center sponsors guided and unguided tours including trolley, walking, house tours, boats, Fisherman’s Wharf and U.S. Coast Guard Base, along with tours of the Emlen Physick Estate, Cape May’s only Victorian house museum and the Cape May Lighthouse.
  • Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (Millville) – Home to the Museum of American Glass, with one of the most comprehensive collections of American glass in the world. The Education/Folklife Center offers special exhibits featuring the culture and tradition of major heritage communities that have settled in the southern New Jersey. And in the studios, visitors can watch artists demonstrate the arts of glassmaking, ceramics and woodcarving.
  • Atlantic City Art Center – A showcase of quality exhibitions, spotlighting regional artists. The Art Center presents a variety of concerts, gallery talks, artist demonstrations and literary readings.

If museums are your thing, then Atlantic City provides an exceptional array of choices, allowing you to delve into numerous aspects of history and society:

  • African American Heritage Museum of Southern NJ – New Jersey’s only African American Heritage Museum houses thousands of treasures that paint a vivid picture of the African American experience in the 20th century.
  • Atlantic City Historical Museum – From diving horses to dancing girls, the diverse history of Atlantic City comes alive through vintage photographs, local artifacts and a video presentation.
  • Jersey Shore Children’s Museum – A hands-on discovery center dedicated to stimulating curiosity and awareness in the areas of science, technology, history and culture through interactive play.
  • Marine Mammal Stranding Center – Sea Life Museum – Dedicated to rescuing marine mammals and sea turtles in distress. The on-site museum houses life-sized replicas of sea creatures, whale bones and other exhibits.
  • New Jersey Korean War Memorial – A memorial created to ensure that future generations remember and honor the dedication of those who served, the legacy they continued and the freedom they preserved.
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum – A more unusual brand of entertainment, with more than 400 exhibits that will amaze and astound.
  • Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum – Discover the culture and heritage of the Jersey shore. Festival, exhibits and activities for all ages.

In AC, thrills and excitement are not limited to a toss of the dice or a spin of the roulette wheel. There’s plenty to get the adrenaline pumping, from parasailing and extreme windsurfing to paintball and the Central Pier Arcade & Speedway. Additional adventures not to be missed:

  • New Jersey Motorsports Park – Shift your fun into gear and satisfy your need for speed with two world-class road courses and F1 karting.
  • Red Baron Tours – Experience history by flying in an authentic 1940 WACO UPF-7. One- and two-passenger sightseeing flights and aerobatic adventures over the New Jersey coast.
  • Steel Pier – The go-to spot for kiddie rides, extreme rides, an amusement arcade and delicious food.

And speaking of food, Atlantic City’s delectable cuisine extends far beyond its world-renowned saltwater taffy. Connoisseurs can: savor French favorites at Wow, Holy Crepe!!; indulge in fine macaroons, biscotti and more at Tripician Macaroons; check out the oldest continuously owned and operated fudge company in the world at Steel’s Fudge; sample award-winning vintages at Balic, Bellview and Sharrott Wineries; satisfy a sweet tooth at Lick and iCandy; and enjoy local favorites at Laura’s Fudge Shop, a fixture since 1926.

Whatever your pleasure – action, culture, relaxation or being a foodie – sashaying down to the Jersey shore makes for a remarkable and unbelievable trip. And that’s no gamble.

If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a vacation to Atlantic City or any of our other dynamic destinations, please call (888) 269-0182.


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