Alyssa Villarreal

There’s an App for Your Travels

Alyssa Villarreal

There’s an App for Your Travels

There’s an App for Your Travels

By: Alyssa Villarreal

When you’re on the go, smartphone apps can save you time and money. With a plethora of travel apps available for any smartphone, you can easily access and navigate essential tools for your travel adventure. They can give you a steep discount on a last-minute excursion, calculate foreign prices into dollar values, and even help you find the closest whatever!

For starters, it might be best to opt out of the large and bulky laptop and consider traveling with mobile devices such as your Kindle, Android or iPad. These tech-savvy mobile devices have a longer lasting battery life for your trip, are easy to pack in your carry-on, and have access to Wi-Fi or data plans.

Here are some recommended travel apps that can make the best of your trip:

TripIt: Organize Your Itinerary
This useful app organizes your whole itinerary into the palm of your hands. Forward your confirmation emails to and TripIt will combine your information into one organized folder. Even more convenient, TripIt also includes vital travel information like weather, driving directions and maps.

AroundMe: Find the Closest Whatever
Recognized as one of the best free mobile apps for traveling, AroundMe helps you find exactly what you’re looking for! AroundMe uses your current location and gives turn-by-turn directions to the closest gas station, parking garages, ATMs, restaurants and more!

Goby: Find Fun Close By
Without a concierge? No problem! Enjoy this fun app that points you to nearby attractions, events and activities! Goby acts as your personal tourism information office and gives you a list of kid friendly options that are just miles away from you.

XE Currency: Convert Foreign Prices
It’s vacation time, and calculating foreign currency can fog your brain. Try this simple app that helps to convert foreign currency into dollar values. XE Currency instantly uses real-time exchange rates.

City Maps 2Go: Find a Map Anywhere, Always
Sometimes smartphones cannot work their map app without Wi-Fi or a 3G data-signal. Not a problem anymore! City Maps 2Go lets you access maps for thousands of cities, islands and regions even without Internet connection.

Google Translate: Eliminate the Language Barrier
Don’t get bamboozled while ordering your food at restaurants anymore.  This cool Google app helps translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages. You can even take a picture and brush the text on the photo to translate.

Wikihood: Your Own Personal Tour Guide
Want to know a little bit more about the places, sights and streets you’re passing through? Try Wikihood! This brilliant app acts as a virtual tour guide, equipped to give you tons of information pulled from Wikipedia entries.


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