Ruth Baucom

Stop Hogging Your Travel and Share It!

Ruth Baucom
Stop Hogging Your Travel and Share It!
We live and breathe travel. It’s much more than a job – it’s what fills our daydreams, it’s what we look forward to, it’s what we budget for, it’s what we talk about when there’s silence, it’s what inspires our dining choices, it’s what gets us out of bed. Needless to say, we’re as excited as Nik Wallenda tightroping Niagara Falls when we see photos of our members traveling! I practically fell off my seat when I saw this member’s family vacation in Orlando:

Every traveler knows the bliss of new experiences and the joy of sharing each wonderful story. Travel is a social experience, and we’d love to hear about your cultural and natural adventures. Here’s how:
Make a free Vacation Video to share with your friends (and us!)
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2 thoughts on “Stop Hogging Your Travel and Share It!

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