Alyssa Villarreal

Best Beaches of the Sunshine State

Alyssa Villarreal

While residents up north experience some inclement freezing weather, there’s always some Floridian walking outside in a tank-top and flip flops. Yes, we know, Florida has it better – weather wise. Luckily for you, we like to share our blissful paradise with the snow birds. It’s only fair; Lord knows we can’t handle anything more than sweater weather.

Instead of shoveling snow and shivering indoors by the fire, pack your towel and flip-flops and get ready to sunbathe on these amazing beaches on our must-see list.

Delray Beach

Located just outside of Boca Raton, this two-mile long family-friendly beach is visited by nearly 1 million people each year, and there are plenty of reasons why beach goers flock here. The soft sand makes it easy to walk across and is some of the best material for sandcastle-building. Take a walk along Atlantic Ave. and stop in some of the boutiques and restaurants along the way. This small-town beach is home to many locals, who enjoy exercising on the beach and basking in the sun.

Key West

One of the best beaches for snorkeling, Key West offers giant, crystal clear, turquoise colored water. Although a far drive from much of the mainland of Florida, the Keys are the best place to soak up the rays and play a plethora of water sports. The tiny island chain is filled with dazzling coral reefs, abundant wildlife and warm waters. No signs of winter here! Don’t miss out on what the Keys have to offer.

Palm Beach

Just about an hour-drive from Miami, Palm Beach offers the same flair and flamboyance of South Florida’s finest beach resorts and luxury shops. Palm Beach, also known as the “Gold Coast,” stretches 14 miles of warm blue water and gentle breezes along the Atlantic. Take a stroll along the popular Worth Drive, lined with beautiful architecture, fabulous shops and trendy dining spots.

Siesta Key

This gem has to be our little secret, okay? Well, not really. We can’t keep one of the top-rated beaches off our list. We can also say this beautiful beach is close to home, which is why you should visit and decide for yourself! Siesta Key Beach is central Sarasota’s gateway to the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico, an island that combines luxurious amenities with a relaxed vibe that appeals to both visitors and locals. Between the soft white-powder sand and gentle blue ocean waves, this beach offers breathtaking views and family-friendly fun.

South Beach

Miami is vibrant, lively and the people there are beautiful. The South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach fairly glitters with nightlife – all day long. Yes, it attracts the rich and youthful, but it’s now starting to be recognized around the world as worthy of a stay or a visit by everyone. Enjoy the beach or the historic Art Deco architecture or the fine oceanside dining – or all of it in a single day. Take a dip in the crystal-blue waters of Miami’s South Beach, an international playground that offers non-stop nightlife, high-end shopping, luxurious boutique hotels and unique Art Deco architecture.


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