David Abolafia

Comic & Media Expo: October 16-18

David Abolafia

It’s a con game. “Con” as in “convention.” Because for three days in October, Mesa will turn into – or should I say “toon into” – a comic lover’s paradise.

The 2015 Comic & Media Expo (CMX) is a three-day event filled with panels, workshops, interactive events, artist alley and more! You can buy art from awesome artists, take photos with your favorite guests and get an autograph too!

Heroes, villains, and all sorts of pop culture characters alike are well represented at this fun convention, as well as the movies, TV shows, and comic books they populate. For three days, the Mesa Convention Center transforms into one of the nation’s most fun gatherings of artists, cosplayers and comic-book aficionados. This awesome event features celebrity panelists, workshops, art exhibitions, a cosplay contest  and more.

CMX has a variety of guests. They include cosplayers, actors, authors, artists, voice actors, prop makers, comic artists and many more. This year’s guests include Karl Yune (Maseo Yamashiro, mentor and friend to Oliver Queen on the hit show “Arrow”), Bill Salyers (Rigby in Cartoon Network’s Emmy-award winning “Regular Show,” Reverend Putty in Adult Swim’s “Moral Orel” and popular video games such as Skyrim and Mass Effect 3), Janet Varney (voice of Korra from “The Legend of Korra”), Marv Wolfman (co-creator of the Teen Titans), Dante Basco (Rufio in “Hook,” Zuko in “Avatar: the Last Airbender”) and RB Silva (artist for “World’s Finest” and “Superboy”), with more to come!

The 2015 Comic & Media Expo runs from October 16-18. To book your trip to Mesa to get your fanboy (or girl) on, or to take a trip to anyplace in your comic universe – okay, the planet – give us a call at (888) 269-0182 Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm ET.

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