Alyssa Villarreal

6 Twitter Accounts to Follow that Will Make Your Travels Easier

In the good ol’ days, travel books and guide manuals were all the rave when traveling abroad. The helpful books were often used as tools to navigate through foreign lands, learn helpful phrases in a foreign tongue or offer ideas on what to see and do while visiting a destination. Now, we have the Internet and Twitter, a micro-blogging site of live streams offering a multitude of breaking news, tips and references. You could even score some hot deals if you follow the right crowd. Traveling can sometimes be tough. However, follow these travel-savvy Twitter accounts for a more seamless travel experience (and maybe free admission to the Smithsonian).

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Ruth Baucom

Stop Hogging Your Travel and Share It!

Stop Hogging Your Travel and Share It!
We live and breathe travel. It’s much more than a job – it’s what fills our daydreams, it’s what we look forward to, it’s what we budget for, it’s what we talk about when there’s silence, it’s what inspires our dining choices, it’s what gets us out of bed. Needless to say, we’re as excited as Nik Wallenda tightroping Niagara Falls when we see photos of our members traveling! I practically fell off my seat when I saw this member’s family vacation in Orlando:

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