Alyssa Villarreal

Greece: Skiathos, 8 days / 7 nights Nostos Village

Skiathos, Greece – Enjoy the Mediterranean breeze on this lavish Greek island! Skiathos is blessed with the Aegean Sea’s most beautiful beaches; it’s no surprise this tiny island is filled with trendy tourists in the summer months. Indulge in a week vacation to the lovely Mediterranean and soak up ample sun on a gorgeous secluded beach. This picturesque island is truly a paradise on earth. Continue reading
Alyssa Villarreal

Europe: Greece and Turkey, 7 days / 6 nights Aegean Legends Cruise

Aegean Legends Cruise
Greece and Turkey – Get a glimpse of Greece’s glorious past when you view remnants of the golden age and stroll through temples of the gods. Enjoy crossing the mystical blue waters of the Aegean Sea, which man has been traveling since the beginning of recorded history. Visit Turkey; populated since the Neolithic period, it is one of the oldest permanent settled regions in the world. Enjoy traveling in comfort on your Aegean Legends Cruise sailing the sea of the ancients in style.

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